Our annual Xmas playlist curated by Chicken Ranch VIP, Catfish!

From the desk of Catfish HQ:
"I've always been dubious of widespread jubilance. Like when everybody I know beats my door down about checking out some movie they've seen. It's never any good, or at least not as good as reported. Christmas is no different. Most of my best sleeping in has been done on Christmas day, even when I was a kid. I never crept out of my room, middle of Christmas eve night, to check up on ol' breakin' & enterin' Santa Claus's progress. I just don't get bent about it.

Music, though, I can get wound up about. Even Christmas music, it turns out. This playlist includes my favorite Christmas songs, (semi)traditional and otherwise.

Happy holidays, Chicken Ranch faithful. And never forget that Kirsty MacColl was cooler than anybody that you've ever known. And that, friends & enemies, is what Christmas is all about. That and drinking."