Bringing a ton of archival Starlings, TN videos over from
Vimeo to YouTube. Enjoy.

"Hey Little Birdie" (Live at The Villager Tavern)

Filmed for a 'making of' companion piece to "Between Hell and Baton Rouge" that never saw the light of day. Filmed by Jason Mallory for CRR.

"Gloom Despair and Agony" (Live at Rattle Inn)

A cover of the old Hee Haw classic. Steve was putting together the tracks for the covers album, "Under The Influence", and this is one of the covers we (the label) insist he record.

"Dry County In Hell" (Live at Club DeVille)

Recordded live at Adi Anand's "From The Mind of Adi" showcase, 2012.

Interview at CRR HQ, Circa 2010

Steve came out from Hattiesburg, MS to play our Xmas party and sat down for an interview and an acoustic set at our old HQ in the Austin Farmer's Market.