Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5, James Sheeran (far right)

If you've been near a SXSW party in the last several years, you seen a band of merry men wearing suits and carousing until closing time.  Those were likely members of Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5.  Drummer James Sheeran was nice cnough to answer some questions.  (also, don't miss this band...)

Your Name:
James Sheeran

Showcasing Artist Name:
Mr. Lewis & the funeral 5

Where are you from?

How do you describe your band/sound?

What other bands do you want to see at Ranch X Chicken Ranch or at the SXSW Festival?
Good bands I haven’t seen before.

What's next for you and/or your band?
Tour, TV, writing and recording or next album

When are your other shows during SX week?
Hole in the wall (3/13)
Valhalla (3/14)

List any links to music via Spotify, youtube etc