Kady Rain

Artist Name
Kady Rain

Where are you from?
Austin, TX!

How do you describe your band/sound?
We make motha' Oippin' pop music!!!!

What do you like about Austin? or If this is your irst time here, what do you want to see in Austin?
I love that Austin is home to such a diverse range of artists. A lot of cities have a sound that they cater to or are known for and in some ways Austin has this with the Blues but there is an explosion of great, highly creative music being made here.

What other bands do you want to see at Ranch X Chicken Ranch or at the SXSW Festival?
Omg, practically all of them! Outside of Chicken Ranch I am looking forward to catching up with some friends coming to town. Crystal Knives and Planet Booty are two of my favs.

What's next for you and/or your band?
We are currently plotting and scheming up a storm! A summer tour, more releases, some brand partnerships, and continued cowriting within the Austin scene are just a few items on our Evil Genius To Do List (TOP SECRET).

When are your other shows during SX week?
We're also playing the Future of Music Showcase at Shiner's Saloon, which will be an absolute gas!

List any links to music via Spotify, youtube etc