Five Eight

One of the best unsung bands of the 90s, Five Eight, is still going strong.  Guitarist Sean Dunn answers a few questions for us...

Your Name
Sean Dunn

Showcasing Artist Name
Five Eight

Where are you from?
Athens, GA

How do you describe your band/sound?
A cross between Husker Du, Neil Young (and Billy Joel)

What do you like about Austin? or If this is your irst time here, what do you want to see in Austin?

What other bands do you want to see at Ranch X Chicken Ranch or at the SXSW Festival?
The Pauses, PDP, Lee Bains, Will Johnson

What's next for you and/or your band?
Anger, sadness

When are your other shows during SX week?
3/14: CRR SXSW Showcase @ Valhalla (midnight)
3/16: Athens in Austin @ Side Bar (5:30)
3/16: New Granada @ Scholz Garden (tba)
3/17: Chili Dog Fest @ Side Bar (12:30)

List any links to music via Spotify, youtube etc