The Rayo Brothers

Your Name
Jesse Reaux

Showcasing Artist Name
The Rayo Brothers

Where are you from?
Lafayette, Louisiana

How do you describe your band/sound?
Americana / folk rock

What do you like about Austin? or If this is your brst time here, what do you want to see in Austin?
We like hanging out with the great musicians and fans in the city. And we always look forward to BBQ and tacos.

What other bands do you want to see at Ranch X Chicken Ranch or at the SXSW Festival?
william matheny, the black watch, judy blank

What's next for you and/or your band?
We're releasing our new album 'Victim & Villain' on March 29 on Nouveau Electric Records. We're playing Festival International in Lafayette, Louisiana on April 28 and New Orleans Jazz Fest on May 4.

When are your other shows during SX week?
We don't have any other shows in Austin this week, but we're playing March 16 at Wurst Biergarten in Lafayette, Louisiana

List any links to music via Spotify, youtube etc