We like William Matheny!  The pride of Morgantown, WV writes catchy and rootsy rock without being trite or pandering.  If you like the energy of bands like The Old 97s, mixed with top notch songcraft, you'll enjoy William's music.  

Showcasing Artist Name
William Matheny

Where are you from?
Morgantown, WV

How do you describe your band/sound?
Rock & Roll. I feel like it's large enough of an umbrella to cover everything that we do.

What do you like about Austin? or If this is your ]rst time here, what do you want to see in Austin?
I love Austin. We've spent quite a lot of time here. I believe this is my 5th SXSW and we've played there a lot otherwise. Kind of a cliched answer, but the food is great and it's nice to be down in the warm weather. the music isn't too bad either.

What other bands do you want to see at Ranch X Chicken Ranch or at the SXSW Festival?
It's always cool to see Mr. Lewis & the Funeral Five, Peelander Z, Five Eight. We'll be touring down there with our buddies Frontier Folk Nebraska, who are awesome. I really love Neal Pollack though. Is he playing this year? He blew my mind. That's some actual art.

What's next for you and/or your band?
After SXSW we're doing a bunch of support dates for our friend Tyler Childers. We'll actually be back in Austin in April at Stubb's for those shows. Bunches of touring over the summer and we're ]nishing up a new record that I'm very excited about.

When are your other shows during SX week?
THURS. 3/14:
MASH Movers day parties March 12 and 14 presented by Keeled Scales // 5:15PM
Greenbelt Touring's Garten Party 2019! at Scholz Garten // 7:30PM
Moontower Saloon // 10PM
FRI. 3/15:
Giddy Ups // 10PM
SAT. 3/16:
The Pink Elephant Showcase at Carousel Lounge // 1:30PM And we want more!

List any links to music via Spotify, youtube etc