¡VIDEO EXCLUSIVO! American Werewolf Academy - "Fast, Loose & Fucked Up"

Watch the video for "Fast, Loose, & Fucked Up" and experience an entire live set by American Werewolf Academy in less than three minutes.

3 years ago

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Dallas-based rock outfit American Werewolf Academy are official Amigos del Rancho who were gracious enough to literally, not figuratively, kick out their jams during RXCR 2019. That's a reference to frontman Aaron Thedford's stage kicks. We're still working on the GIF.

Much like AWA's incredible arsenal of anthemic rock gems, Thedford's exhilarating and enthusiastic foot-flinging act is reminiscent of a beautiful, bare bones, blink-and-ya-miss-it style of power chord-driven rock that's too neat and tidy to be considered garage or punk, yet too ragged and raw to be pop or whatever the fuck we're calling indie this week.

See (kinda) and hear for yourself in our exclusive offering of the new video for "Fast, Loose, & Fucked Up" off their 2017 masterpiece, Dead Without Dying & Gleefully Detached.

Geoff Johnston

Published 3 years ago