Check out our instagram account for our CRR Song of The Day, some of our favorite, new, and possibly some unreleased gems from time to time. Time and space permitting, we’ll also go into detail about the songs.

The Clutters- “New Wave”
One of my favorites from their third album, “Breaking Bones”, a longer rough mix of this exists somewhere in the archives. I always wanted to do a video for this song.

Automusik- “General Masses”
From the EP, “General Masses”, one of CRR’s most entertaining and confrontational bands. Plans are afoot to screen their documentary, “Automusik Can Do No Wrong” in Austin soon.

Willie Heath Neal - “Porter’s Blues”
From Willie’s album, “Out of Highway”, a song about one of Willie’s favorite guitar players. Produced by Mark Robertson and JD Wilkes (Legendary Shack Shakers).

Yuppie Pricks- “Donkey Show”
The Pricks manage to skewer left wings celebs with their ode to beastiality. (Pro-tip, don’t take this music seriously)

Five Eight- “God Damn It Paul”
Great song from their debut album, “I Learned, Shut Up”, reissued digitally from CRR. Anthemic and tragic song, we will have to get Mike Mantione to discuss the song’s origin in a future article.