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I've got some time on my hands nowadays, so I thought I'd make a playlist from time to time.  It's a combination of new, old, weird, and classics.  Drop us

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I've got some time on my hands nowadays, so I thought I'd make a playlist from time to time.  It's a combination of new, old, weird, and classics.  Drop us a line on Facebook if you dig it.  Song by song comments below.  FYI: It's second in my Pandemic series of playlists.  

“Little Lies”- menwhopause
One of the most prominent bands of India’s indie scene have released a new album entitled “Binge Walking”.   “Little Lies” kicks off the album with a song with a Feelies like buildup and a chilled yet propulsive sound.  

“Moving To LA”- Art Brut
Art Brut just reissued the debut album, “Bang Bang Rock and Roll” on vinyl, and it’s an essential buy for fans of mid 00s alt rock.  Eddie Argos is a hilariously droll frontman who make every song fun for the listener.  “Moving To LA” is a highlight of the record.  

“Hey Julie”- Fountains of Wayne
“Welcome Interstate Managers” is a personal favorite from the Fountains of Wayne catalog, which got a revisit after the untimely death of Adam Schlesinger from Covid-19.  More about FOW later in the playlist.

“Hello in There”- John Prine
Just as disturbing as Mr. Schlesinger’s death was the passing of John Prine.  A beloved icon of American music and from all accounts, an outstanding human being.  I was lucky enough to see him play this song in Memphis, back in the 90s and it was the highlight of that show.

“Whenever You’re on My Mind”- Marshall Crenshaw
To bring up the mood, let’s go to one of the best power pop artists of the 80s, Marshall Crenshaw.  This song appeared on many a mixtape back in the day.  

“Recurring Dream”- Crowded House
Probably one of the top “should have been hits” that I’m aware of.  Was given to the soundtrack of “Tequila Sunrise” but should have been on the debut or second Crowded House LPs.  Pop perfection.

“If You Were Here”- Thompson Twins
Rolling through 80s soundtrackland, this song was on the “Sixteen Candles” soundtrack EP.  Where’s Molly Ringwald when you need her?

“One Paddle Two Paddle”- Don Ho
Another fun song, a Don Ho banger about canoe travel in the ocean.  Fuck yes.  

“Bright Future in Sales”- Fountains of Wayne
My unofficial theme song that soundtracked my business trips in 2003.  This album got me through some rough spots back then.

“Angel From Montgomery”- John Prine
It’s amazing how you immediately remember the words to a John Prine song.  His debut album is loaded with classic songs.  Tough to pick just two for this playlist.

“The Outdoor Type”- Lemonheads
I need to thank Tom Morgan (from the Aussie group Smudge, and a songwriting partner of Evan Dando) for writing the song about my outdoor experiences (get outta my head Mr. Morgan).  I first heard this song in the movie, “The Tao of Steve”, which you should go watch immediately.  

“The Boys are Back in Town”- 9th Ward Marching Band
I love when marching bands cover rock and pop songs.  Quintron and Miss Pussycat, along with some NOLA music scene lifers, started a marching band.  Get the LP if you’re able.  

“Tusk 7/19/79”- Fleetwood Mac
Mountains of cocaine plus a marching band equals a quirky pop song that probably left a few record execs scratching their head.  

“Hide”- Komorebi
Another great ambient pop song from New Delhi’s Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi.

“You & Me Against The World”- Cinnamon
A great Swedish band that got overlooked by me and a lot of folks in America.  Cinnamon was overshadowed in the US by the next band from Sweden on this list.  

“Erase/Rewind”- The Cardigans
I remember this song from MTV’s “120 Minutes”.  “Erase/Rewind” probably alienated a lot of fans expecting another pop song like “Lovefool”.

“No Time To Die”- Billie Ellish
I like James Bond and Bilie Ellish was an inspired choice for this theme.  I'm very picky about my James Bond music (yes: Tom Jones, Duran Duran, Carly Simon, no: Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Chris Cornell).  
My 10 year old will fight you if you don’t like Billie Ellish.

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