Making of Peelander-Z's "Taco Taco Tacos" video.

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(Editors note: The term "inside baseball" defined.)

Mike D. (aka El Presidente) here,  I'm sitting on my couch at home instead of loading in for our annual Chicken Ranch day party.  So I've got some time to look back at some CRR highlights and lowlights.  

I've always been a frustrated filmmaker, so I'm very lucky that a lot of my artists let me collaborate with them on music videos.  There's always a good story or three about the making of our videos, making Peelander-Z's "Taco Taco Tacos" video was certainly one of the most fun and easiest to make.

Peelander-Z recorded "P-TV-Z" in Austin, with Bryan Nelson, Chico Jones, and Tetsuya "Peelander Black" Hayakawa engineering and producing.  Peelander is a touring juggernaut, to promote the album, the band booked 65 shows in 60 days.  The tour went very well, and the band stopped off in ATX at End of an Ear for an in-store and played to around 100 people.  Luckily, I was sharing an office with Fernando Del Rio of Spontaneous Films, and he was able to video the show.  Also, we enlisted photographer and artist, Carol He to do some promo photos of the band.  

After the show, Carol went around to several taco trucks and taquerias and shot photos for us to rapidly edit together.  Got an edit together within 36 hours, it still remains one of our most viewed YouTube videos.  

Big thanks to Peelanders Yellow, Pink, Red, Green and Black,  Carol He, Fernando Del Rio, Dan and Blake @ End of An Ear.