Ranch X Chicken Ranch 2020

This page will have the details for Ranch X Chicken

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This page will have the details for Ranch X Chicken Ranch 2020


Location and Parking Info:
Hole in The Wall 2538 Guadalupe, Austin, TX
Given that it's UT's spring break, parking should be plentiful, but likely not free.  The metered parking behind the venue is fairly cheap.  

Main (Middle) Stage:
12:00- +/- (Plus Minus)
1:00- menwhopause
2:00- Thee Idylls
3:00- Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5
4:00- Five Eight
5:00- Komorebi
6:00- Pinky Doodle Poodle
6:30- Peelander-Z
7:30- Duderonomy

Front Stage:
12:30- The Derelicts
1:30- Holler and The Hand
2:30- Abhilasha Sinha
3:30- Choco Blues Chop
4:30- Chris Canterbury
5:30- Special Guest
7:15- El Solista

Back Stage:
12- Scout Shannon & The Willing Deceivers
12:45- Flower
1:30- Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
2:15- Thief & The Architect
3- The Brown Goose
3:45- Monta At Odds
5:15- The Foreign Resort
6- JM Stevens
6:45- Swampmeat Family Band
7:30- Rocket 808

Backline/Load-in/Stage Info:


Contact Info:
Will post phone numbers and email the week before the show or in an email blast.