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Set Times for Ranch by Chicken Ranch Hole in The

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Set Times for Ranch by Chicken Ranch

Hole in The Wall stages:
12:00-12:30 Kira Annalise and The Trainwrecks
12:35-1:05 Night Moves
1:10-1:40 William Matheny
1:45-2:15 Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5
2:20-2:50 Jonny 8 Track
2:55-3:25 We Were the States
3:30-4 Duderonomy
4:05-4:35 Peelander-Z
4:35-5:05 Cederic Burnside
5:10-5:40 Willie Heath Neal
5:45-6:15 The Magnettes
6:20-7:00 David Vincent
7:00-7:30 JM Stevens
7:30-8 Glib

Patio Stage
12-12:30 Lung
12:35 Joshua CS
1:05 Neal Pollack Quintet
1:40 Fruit Tones
2:15 Johnny Zachman
2:50 Joanna Barbera
3:25 Frontier Folk Nebraska
4:00 Chris Canterbury
4:35 Mr Torian
5:10 Dimpker Brothers
5:45 Andrew Duplantis
6:20 Dennis Kalla

And away we go!


(March 1- Ranch By Chicken Ranch Lineup)

Peelander-Z (Planet Peelander)
Night Moves (Minneapolis, MN)
David Vincent (Georgetown, TX)
Cedric Burnside (Holly Springs, MS)
Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 (Austin, TX)
The Magnettes (Pajala, Sweden)
Willie Heath Neal (Atlanta, GA)
Jonny 8 Track (Brighton, UK)
Lung (Cincinnati, OH)
Joanna Barbera (Nashville, TN)
Dimpker Brothers (Västervik, SWEDEN)
Chris Canterbury (Haynesville, LA)
Andrew Duplantis (Austin, TX)
Duderonomy (Austin, TX)
Dennis Kalla (Lulea, Sweden)
William Matheny (Morganstown, WY)
We Were The States (Murfreesboro, TN)
JM Stevens (Austin, TX)
Savanteous (Dallas, TX)
Mr. Torian (Austin, TX)
Frontier Folk Nebraska (Covington,KY)
Johnny Zachman (Austin, TX)
The Neal Pollack Quintet (Austin, TX)
Kira Annalise & The Trainwrecks (Atlanta, GA)
Glib (Austin, TX)
Joshua CS (Nashville, TN)
The Fruit Tones (Manchester UK)

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